The Horses

  Night And Day
Stallion Thoroughbred 165cm N.C Nuit de Noces  Soleil Levant 

  Gender Stallion
  Race Thoroughbred
  Coat Bay
  Size 165
  Age N.C
  Mother Nuit de Noces
  Father Soleil Levant
   Night And Day  
   Soleil Levant  
   Nuit de Noces    
Name Family tie
Level 1
Maharanee is the daughter of Night And Day
Lady d'Elle is the daughter of Night And Day
Giralda B is the daughter of Night And Day
Nelma du Mesnil is the daughter of Night And Day
Level 2
Quairelle is the daughter of the daughter (Maharanee) of Night And Day
Havane d'Elle is the daughter of the daughter (Lady d'Elle) of Night And Day
Qualisco III is the son of the daughter (Giralda B) of Night And Day
Dollar du Mesnil is the son of the daughter (Nelma du Mesnil) of Night And Day
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